BlackBerry Backgrounds

These are some backgrounds which will fit your Blackberry screen. Click on the picture you would like to set as a background, and then save it.

Red Calender

click to see in full size

This is cool red theme which has U shape home screen's icons and has a Calender list at the middle.

All in Pink Theme

Click to see the full size pictureClick to see the full size picture

From the name, this theme is all in pink. The homescreen has 6 icons with hears glow when selected.

My First BlackBerry Theme

This is my first theme for Blackberry Bold 9000 and Curve 8900.The theme's idea is to have the Calendar Appointments shown in the home screen. I added 10 icons, which can be modified for your requirements.

Due to the screen’s resolution, the Curve 8900 can show up to 7 Appointments; where in the Bold 9000 up to 5 only.