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Part of speech






sport of participating in races: the sport of taking part in races, for example as a runner, on a horse, or in a sports car.





(random-access memory)
This is the same as main memory. When used by itself, the term RAM refers to read and write memory; that is, you can both write data into RAM and read data from RAM. This is in contrast to ROM, which permits you only to read data. Most RAM is volatile, which means that it requires a steady flow of electricity to maintain its contents. As soon as the power is turned off, whatever data was in RAM is lost.





Knowing a Word



 1. physically existing: having actual physical existence
2. verifiable as actual fact: verifiable as actual fact, for example legally or scientifically
3. not imaginary: existing as fact, rather than as a product of dreams or the imagination
4. not artificial: genuine and original, and so not artificial or synthetic

- What is his real name?


- In the real world things are somewhat different.




Knowing a Word



 1. willing to accept: ready and willing to accept something, for example new ideas
2. able to receive: able to receive something
3. quick to learn: quick to take in new information

- The city’s art collectors were highly receptive to the new wave in painting.
Countries that were not immediately receptive to the refugees.





Quality Educator


1. chance of something going wrong: the danger that injury, damage, or loss will occur
2. somebody or something hazardous: somebody or something likely to cause injury, damage, or loss





(read-only memory)
Computers almost always contain a small amount of read-only memory that holds instructions for starting up the computer. Unlike RAM, ROM cannot be written to.