One Introduction of my Lessons

This introduction was with my Web-Designing  students. The introduction was as a Filling gaps exercise. In this lesson, the students knew what they had to do by themselves and they start doing each step of the lesson by the help of their colleagues.

Mini-teaching 01

For my first mini teaching you will need to download this file


To exit the software press ESC on your keyboard. password (edpt2220)


Mini-teaching 02

The second mini teaching was a crossword task and as a backup I had the same task with hints. There were these pictures (pic1, pic2, pic3, pic4, pic5, pic6, pic7, pic8) on the wall to help the students while doing their task. I handed an answer sheet. After that, they used the Internet to do a Filling gaps exercise to check their understanding of the new wards they had learned in the lesson.


Mini-teaching 03

For the third mini teaching you will need to download this file



Mini-teaching 04

This mini teaching is a whole class discussion, elicitation stage using PowerPoint slides based on the topic raised in the discussion .

Lesson 04


Mini-teaching 05

In this mini teaching I have a simulator of a radar screen. This screen, a simulator, has targets on it and the students can operate as if it was a real radar screen. In my lesson the students would come to the front and operate the radar screen while and they explain what they are doing. In this stage I would clarify the 11 scale ranges which are available in the 1007 radar. The students would come to the front and scale the ranges with their hands.

The simulator is a large file and that why I didn't upload it


Mini-teaching 06

This mini teaching is an internet reading task, which involves pictures, realia and whole class discussion.

Lesson 06


Mini-teaching 07

In this mini-teaching I handed out a copy of the PowerPoint slides, with gaps to be filled, to each one of the students. I asked the students to fill the gaps during my presentation. This was done because students needed an activity to do while the teacher was presenting to them.


Mini-teaching 08

This mini-teaching was an Auction on Prepositions Sentence, I grouped the students to 4 groups by colour cards. The basic rule of this action was to buy the correct sentences. I used 3-words instruction cards to help me remember my instructions and the lesson sequence.

The sentences


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