Gap-fill exercise

Fill in all the gaps, then press "Check" to check your answers.

   adjacent      cable      depth      draught      fall      rise      shallow      shelter      stream      surrounding      Tidal      tide   
1. After the rain, there was a of water in the wadi.
2. The Beach Rotana is to the Abu Dhabi Mall.
3. When we fill the car with petrol, the fuel indicator will , and while we are driving it will .
4. There is a high wall the Navy Base.
5. You must not take a ship where the water is too . You must always keep in mind the of your ship and the of the water.
6. Always try to find a in bad weather to protect your ship.
7. When the comes in the beach will be covered with water so we can’t play on it.
8. charts tell us what the sea level will be at a specific place and specific time.
9. My car is stuck in the sand; I’m looking for a strong to tow it out.