Web Designing

Gap-fill exercise

Fill in all the gaps, then press "Check" to check your answers.

   copy      FTP Access      homepage      log in      MS-FrontPage      MS-Word      password      personal website      username      web host   
In this lesson we are going to start designing our . At the beginning, we are going to to the 100free which we registered our group last lesson. This will be done by using (dody99) and (123456) . After that, we will go to the (FTP Access) link where we will find all our colleagues’ folders including our group folder. The folders are going to be with our groups numbers. We have to this folder to our desktop. Then, we will enter the folder which is at our desktop to find an (index.htm) file. This is our group . We are going to edit it by using or . Both programmes are OK to edit HTM files. We have to write in English, Arabic or both the following:
1. Our group number
2. Our group Name (any Name we like to give for our group)
3. What we are going to have in our website
4. Our names as editors
After editing our homepage we have to save the file and copy the folder from our desktop to the . At end, we will go to our webpage by going to (http://dody99.100free.com/ourgroupnumber) E.g. group 03 address will be (http://dody99.100free.com/03)