EDPT 2220 Ė Learning & Teaching

Micro-Teaching Reflection Task

Micro-Teaching Reflection Task

Mini Teaching Feedback

Monday 27th December




13:08 Ė 13:20 (12 mins = OK J )


Money on the board Ė this will always generate interest J

Sentence Auction on Prepositions

I learned this activity from Stevenís lesson.


Students select a colour Ė very nice grouping arrangement. This is an excellent way of grouping students in large classes.

I learned this technique from my prior teacher Eberth last semester.

Nice to see how much you are taking from your observations of the group actually teaching you J


Students have one minute to take down 12 sentences around the wall. Did they understand they needed to write the sentence? Or did they need to realise they can split up and just write Correct / Wrong?

It was supposed to be the second option which was split up and just write correct / wrong. Some of them did, but others didnít. This was my fault because I tried to make them find out the best way for them to read and check as much as they could in this one minute. As I learned from you, ďTO RISK IS TO GROW.Ē Next time Iíll include this part in my instructions.

Excellent J


There was some confusion with the other sentences left on the wall.

Yes, this was from our last lesson with Steven. When I realized that the students were all around the classroom reading the sentences, I noticed Hammad reading one of the old paragraphs which was left on the wall. I told him to read the sentences which were written on A4 size only. Then I paid attention to the other students to check what they were reading. They were all reading the correct sentences because the other paragraphs were left from Steven lessons, so the students knew which ones they had to read.

Just a preparation issue which should mean in future you take down the old ones as you put up yours J


Nice to see you using the instruction cards J

I learned that from you J

And how did you feel using them? J Did they help?


I like how you accepted the students rise to 10,000$ J

The good thing in this part was that it wasnít real money. If it was real money I was going to cancel the lesson and keep the money. J


Not sure the double and minus for sentences is clear. An example or demonstration of one sentence auction would be more effective especially if a group had not done an auction before.

Agreed. In a longer lesson I would focus on this aspect which is explaining the way they can win the game. In this mini-teaching I didnít explain it in details because of two factors: a) we had this type of activity one time in Stevenís lessons and he explained it very well, b) the second one, the time wasnít enough.

Fair comment J


Excel sheet is very well worked J

You make a good auctioneer J

Well, I felt that while standing there. I wondered if the income of an auctioneer would be higher than a teacherís salaryJ

Honestly I enjoyed it. I felt like I was running a show and the students were my audience.

And the audience were fully participating J


Classroom Management Questions:


How will the chairs be arranged?

Very well set up J

What instructions will I give?

Nice use of instruction cards J

Did they help?

Would have been even more effective if backed up by an example or a demonstration especially if a class had not done an auction before

I really enjoyed doing this technique. It is a kind of reminder which helped me a lot to organize my instructions as well as my stages. So this lesson ran as I planed to run it and it was because I had my 3-words instructionsí cards in the correct order. Really thank you for this helpful and useful method.

About the demonstration I would do this if the students hadnít done it before.

Good to hear the instruction cards worked for you J Just ignore my earlier question Ė youíve answered it here J


What happens if they donít understand my instructions?

Not a worry.


How long is the whole lesson?

What time would you have to allow for this normally?

I think this type of activity with the same number of sentences would last for a whole lesson. Well, you just gave me a perfect clue for Ruthís assignment which is to expand a mini-teaching to fit a full lesson length and write the lesson plan for it.

Exactly J


My self assessment is 13 out of 15

I deducted one mark because of the old material on the wall which confused the students and the second mark because I didnít pay attention to the time.

A very fair assessment J


Khaled Majid