Mid-semester Reflection

Mid-semester Reflection

Hi Khaled

Comments in blue for you to think about before our tutorial this evening:




Journals were a useful technique to improve my progress this semester. When I had a look at my journals, I realized how much I improved in this course. The best part I liked in the journals is the contribution between you and me. This helped me to spot my weakness (which I will spot later) as student and a future teacher. Iím glad that I used this technique which is going to be useful to use with my future students. Establishing journals with students will create a perfect rapport between my students and I.

Agreed. The journals allow a more detailed exchange between student and teacher than is possible in class time and by using them to develop a knowledgeable rapport they improve the classroom dynamics as well.

Your journals have been excellent to date and the only marks missing are those points we have yet to cover Ė e.g. vocabulary recognition and awareness.



My contribution mark was 9.5 which is a good grade.  Iím sure there are some areas which I should focus on in order to improve myself as a student. I do my best to be prepared for the class much ahead of class time. I try to help my colleagues as much as I can in English. Even if they ask me in Arabic I insist using English in class. Iím going to find out my weak spots which I believe they are: interacting with my colleagues while discussing among groups and criticize constructively in a way to help my colleagues to learn and improve more. Iím sure there are more to know from you in the tutorial day.

Not bad at all J I think your contribution focus should be on bringing the best out of others through good constructive criticism that focuses them on a more in depth reflection during discussions.



Usually I state my mini-teachingsí aims considering my students. I make the aims clear by using simple language. There were lessons which I planed and organized to reach my presentationsí aims. These lessons were planned much before of the mini-teaching day. After this preparation I checked my material by running it by myself. Then I let some of my friends do the exercise to time it. This helps to create organized presentations and exercises. While planning my mini-teaching I bear in mind my student whether they will be interested in the material I will present or not. Another important aspect is clear instruction which should be short, clear and understandable by all of the students. There are some important aspects to consider while planning activities to my presentations which they have to follow a logical sequence and to meet the objectives of the lessons. Regarding the material, I never enter a classroom without preparing a backup plan. This was obvious when I sent an e-mail to my colleagues to download a file to my lesson. In the class I knew that some of them didnít download the file. I had planed for this situation by having a copy of the file on CDs so I didnít waste the class time.

Agreed. You have had an impressive mini-teaching semester to date. All there is left to say is keep up the good work, stretch yourself and remember in teaching TO RISK IS TO GROW J


Vocabulary Records

I created my vocabulary records using MS office (Word, Excel, and PowerPoint). I will link the whole words from different types of records so I will be able to reach the words from any record to another. After creating the whole thing I will upload it to my webpage to be able to access my vocabulary records whenever I need them.

The idea of uploading to a website is brilliant J Would it have been better to work in html from the start?


All in all, Iím happy with this course and Iím trying to grasp as much as I can from it. This course is a new type of course I have ever been through. I learned so many techniques to improve myself as a future teacher. As much as this course helped me as a future teacher, it helped me as a student as well. Thatís why I created a webpage to have a record of this course. This is going to be a useful webpage to myself and any teacher accesses it. In this page I will have all my mini-teachings and the vocabulary records with some explanation of what we did during the course. I will be happy if you visit this page and give me your opinion about it.




Very impressive J

Not sure that all the links are correct. For example, click on aged and you get pictures of frigates??

Click on RAM and you go to the alphabetical list that begins with aged. You can use anchors to have your link move to the correct part of another page.

Can I share this link with the other teachers?

Have you seen how I built my DELTA course online? The link is:




Khaled Majid


It is a pleasure being your teacher Khaled.

Look forward to this eveningís tutorial


Phil J