My Journal #09 My Journal #09


EDPT 2220 – Learning & Teaching

Micro-Teaching Reflection Task



Subject: Fuses used in missile warheads (practice)

Number of students: 10

Date: 23/10/2004


My second mini-teaching was a practice of fuses used in missile warheads. This is going to be my lesson’s subject in the Navy School on Tuesday. My aim for this presentation was; students would revise what my colleague Saif presented to them.


Using the same text used by Saif

Regard using the same text by saif and me. It because the material received from the Navy School was so small. We divided the material among the group members. I had one fuse to be introduced by me to the students on Tuesday. So I made an agreement with saif to join our subjects together (three types of fuses) and teach them as one teacher. The only mistake I made was not making it clear that I would use that text in my exercise and Saif didn’t too.

In cases like this the trick is to use two different activities on the same text. One a vocabulary pre-reading and the other a mix and match exercise for example.


Anyhow this incident will be corrected for Tuesday lesson.

Let me know how it goes J

It worked perfectly on Tuesday. Saif had a matching exercise that his students matched while he explained the three fuses and I started with the multiple choices task and kept the reading with the meanings to the end of the material. I liked it in this way because the two stages (Saif’s & mine) were connected exactly the way they should be.

Excellent news J I am so happy that the mini-teaching practice is working to inform your Navy lessons J

As you advised us, Saif is going to use the matching exercise and I will take out the first reading task. So in my part, the students will start answering the multiple choice questions and later they will read the text with the meanings (in blue). I believe this way will lead us to have a well connected lesson.

Sounds good to me J

Mr. Steven said that it was clear that the lesson was connected perfectly. It amazed me that he pointed the connectivity of the lesson as if he observed the mini-teaching on Saturday.

Excellent J Another example of how we are coordinating as tutors J


Fuze / Fuse

This word was copied from a navel book. I checked the spelling using different dictionaries and it was spelled in both ways. Although I think fuse is more common, it is better to keep ‘fuze’ because it is more common in the Navy language.

That’s fine. I wonder if it is an American standard?

Well, using Microsoft dictionary this word won’t be accepted in both US and UK standards. I believe it is a naval standard word.

Anyway that you can check this?


Stating the Aim

On Tuesday’s lesson I will make sure that the aim will be explicitly stated. This will help the students to understand the reason for their task.

Excellent J


Self assessment


I deducted 1 because my aims were not explicitly stated.

A fair assessment J

Good job Khalid




Khaled A. Majid