My Journal #07 My Journal #07


EDPT 2220 Ė Learning & Teaching

Micro-Teaching Reflection Task



Subject: 12 vocabulary / terms on Anchor

Number of students: 11

Date: 9/10/2004



My second mini-teaching was a revision of 12 vocabulary words about anchor. I created a crossword task. This is going to be my lessonís subject in the Navy School on Tuesday. I used presentation combination with the following techniques crossword game, pictures, students centred. My aim for this presentation was, students would revise and recall the meaning of these 12 words which would be needed in the next stage (Salem Mohammed Stage.) Although it was a revision, it was a production, practice presentation.

It was quite strictly controlled so I would say it was a practice rather than production session J


While planning this presentation I kept in mind studentsí interaction which supposed to be pair work. I donít know what happened while presenting my presentation that made me completely forgot my classroom management. It might be because I was worried of running out of time or the instructions

Possibly because you had a lot to cover and the teachers following you were relying on you to complete your section. I have always found this the most stressful part of team teaching.

Yes, it is. The agreement made between me and Salem Mohammed was that he will check the studentsí understanding in his teaching bit. This gave me enough time to let the students finish their task in my 10-minute part on Tuesday.

Excellent. So it worked well? J


I had to give to explain how they would answer the task. I tried to have my instructions clear in the presentation so they would be able to do the task correctly and I forgot about pair working. This presentation would be much better if I let the students work in pairs so they could discuss while doing the exercise. I realized students paired themselves and the discussion took place as natural reacting of students.

Yes, they did but not all of them.

I wonder if I had corrected my mistake during the task, it was going to be acceptable. I mean when I realized that I didnít divide them in pairs was it going to be better if I corrected myself and asked them to pair up while doing the task?

No, I think you were right to let it go in this mini-teaching slot and correct it for next time at the Navy base J


This will be corrected in my lesson in the Navy on Tuesday.

Let me know how it goes today J

It was as you said. Students were working shoulder by shoulder. They were pulling each other to check the pictures. Really when I saw their motivation I was proud of myself (as a beginner teacher)

Thank you for your valuable advice J 

Excellent news J


Anyhow, we do learn from our mistakes.

Definitely. J As my father used to say, ďA mistake is only a mistake if you do not learn from it.Ē J


In my future mini-teachings / lessons I will have a guided line sheet to remind me what to do and in which order it will be. One more thing, I noticed that you deduct 1% in Interest, Enthusiasm, Presence criteria and another 1% in Classroom Management criteria because of the pair work approach. I know it is a lesson to be learned and usually people pay to learn, but this lesson cost me 2% and I believe it could be 1% only because it is one mistake only. Am I right?

Not really. I think the classroom management deduction is for the setting up the activity whereas the enthusiasm is a deduction because you left some students working it out on their own without encouraging them to team up.

No comments.


Choosing the words

These were selected by Salem Mohammed and I. We selected the words students would need to revise and recall in Salemís stage. Salem and I went through the material and used our experience in English as 2nd language speakers to select the words students might forget. Remember, I said at the beginning of my mini-teaching that these words will be used by my colleague in the following stage.

So, your students were behind the selection of vocabulary J Excellent J

Sure the students were behind the selection of the vocabulary to have a successful lesson teachers should focus on their studentsí needs.

Definitely J


How hard the task will be for the students on Tuesday

I went to the Navy school and checked the studentsí English level. Their English was good, but no way to compare it with my colleaguesí English. So as I showed you I got two editions of the task (challenging and easy one.) On Tuesday I will start with the challenging version and I will wait for them to go through it. If they arenít able to answer it, then I will hand out the easier version which has more clues.

Did you need the easier version?

No I didnít.

Thatís good news Ė means you pitched it correctly but were prepared in case you were wrong J

The studentsí English level was good. The only thing I needed was extra explanation and clear instructions before handing out the task, so they will be doing the task in the correct way. I had this easier version as a backup and Iím glad that I didnít need it.

All good news J

If you had the same situation (not sure of your studentsí English level) what would you do?


Why one minute while having three minutes?

I told the students that they had 1 minute to finish the task because I needed two minutes to check if my aim was achieved or not. This was when I asked them if they had any questions or difficulties with the words. Really this wasnít important in the mini-teaching presentation, but I think it will be in my teaching on Tuesday. What do you thing about this?

Yes Ė good point. More a need for Tuesday J


Students check answers together

Yes, I could let the students check their answers among themselves. In my Tuesday lesson I will let my students check their answers among themselves before giving the answer sheet to them.

Let me know how that works J

This happened automatically in the last 2 minutes of my lesson. While the students were answering their task they gathered in front of two pictures and started discussing their answers. I didnít interfere because I wanted them to have a kind of discussion so they would correct each other.

Brilliant J


The Material

I agree with you, the surrounding squares that should be blank will be coloured in black. So the student will be able to answer the task clearly.


I changed it on Tuesday lesson and it was much clearer.




Self assessment

1. Interest, Enthusiasm, Presence = Rapport     1%

2. Clarity of Instructions                                    1%

3. Classroom Management                                0%

4. Ability to meet Clear Aims                            0.5%

5. Preparation & Flexibility                               1%

                                                        Total:       3.5%

A fair assessment J

And a good entry Khalid J

You wrote in the 6th entry:

I sometimes use 3-word instruction cards which are an excellent way of preparing your instructions.


-       What are the 3-word instruction cards?

-       Would you explain to me how can I use them, please?


Please remind me before next Saturday Khalid and I will demonstrate in my mini-teaching

Phil J

Phil J

Khaled A. Majid