My Journal #05 My Journal #05

EDPT 2220 – Learning & Teaching

Micro-Teaching Reflection Task



Subject: MS Excel-column chart

Number of students: 11

Date: 25/09/2004


In my first mini-teaching I introduced how to create a column chart using MS Excel. I used presentation combinations with the following techniques Exemplification, Explanation, Reading text, Video, Web-based. My aims for this lesson were:

·      how to create a column chart

·      how to edit an existing chart

·      how to add entry to an existing chart

How would you rephrase these aims from the point of view of the students?

·      Students will be able to create a column chart

·      Students will be able to edit an existing chart

·      Students will be able to add entries to an existing chert

Good ones. Nice, clear and practical.


I planned my lesson carefully bearing in mind the students’ level of English.

Yes – it was an excellent plan.



I tried to have my instructions clear in the presentation so they would be able to follow them.


The presentation was uploaded to a website and the students were asked to download it through an email that was sent to them all. I also remembered to have a back up of my presentation on a CD. That was because I thought some of the students wouldn’t be able to download the file.

… but they all managed, didn’t they?

No, some didn’t! So I used 4 CDs and I was glad that I was prepared.

Good to know – shows the preparation pays off J


The students were completely involved in my lesson. This was because they downloaded the file, they opened it, they followed the steps and they checked if they understood the lesson or not. I wanted them to change their sitting arrangement from a U type of class to two rows so that I would be at the back of the class to watch their laptops’ screens without interfering in their work. As we said, the only person who knows if it’s going to work or not is the teacher who planned the lesson. (as agreed in one of journal’s reply from you)

I still think that in this kind of mini-presentation you would have been better to leave everyone sitting as they were and checking as you walked around the outside of the ‘U’.

How long did you actually spend at the back of the classroom as opposed to circulating around individual students?

I can see your point of view here and I agree with it. Also I think changing students’ way of sitting won’t work for a 10-minutes presentation.

Yes – maybe that is the key – the time factor.


Before presenting my mini-teaching I timed myself while doing the steps. I asked some students from the college to do it while timing them. It took them 7 to 8 minutes to finish the task. So I thought having my students to work in pairs wouldn’t be useful because while one would read the other one would apply the steps on his laptop. I decided to have my students working individually to allow each one to read the instructions and do the steps by himself.

A good decision.



 Even if they didn’t manage to finish the task they would be able to do it by themselves in their own time. Knowing how to start the file and to apply the instructions was the most important thing for me as a presenter.


So, what is your self evaluation % ?

I got 5 out 5 in all my colleagues’ evaluations sheets.

I think will evaluate my self 90%

Sounds fair J


Is there anything you would do differently next time?


Good job

Thank you



Phil J