My Journal #01 My Journal #01

Thanks for starting your journal Khaled J

Please find my comments below in blue.

I have also highlighted in red any words misused.


My impression


I used to be scared of studying new subjects, but after studying Critical Thinking last semester I値l never be afraid of any new topic I値l study in my whole life. I understood that to be able to grasp what I知 learning; I have to trust my abilities and this is what I知 doing this semester whatever the course is.

Great plan Khaled. Trusting your abilities is easier said than done. What do you do to build that self-trust?

I believe that there are no aims which are unreachable and this makes me work hard whatever effort it will take. I keep in my mind that I can do it and usually it works.


I felt the first two classes were fun and enjoyable. I can tell now what I知 going to do in the rest of this semester as well as in the full program. The best thing I liked in the last class was knowing how you (as a teachers team) are taking care of what we are learning and doing in the course. This was clear when you said that all of our teachers are meeting in one day each week to discuss our progress. Because of that I can tell that I値l be doing fine in this program and I wish that all my colleagues are going to be the same.

Why is it important that you know we are meeting once a week?

It is very simple! We never spend our time on something we don稚 care about. So, this means our teachers care about us. Am I right?


I expect from your course to be a better teacher and to build my self-confidence to be able of deliver my lessons in a better way.

What areas of your teaching would you most like to improve?

Every single part of it


Turning to my expectation toward the whole program, I can see since I started this course that I improved a lot not only as a teacher but as person. I知 sure that after this program I値l be a model teacher in the Navy School.

What do you consider a model teacher to be?

A model teacher is a teacher who:

      Delivers his lessons in a way aiming to help students to learn.

      Cares about his students learning process.

      Has good knowledge of the subject he teaches.

      Is confidant.

      Never enters a class without preparing before.

      Cares about what the students will learn and how he will teach them to learn.

      Presents lessons with variety of activities.

      Motivates his students.

      Build good rapport with his students.

      Is friendly.


I知 going to work so hard in order to reach this aim. The only thing I値l need is more effort which I知 ready to put as much as I can, aiming the goals of this program.

Apart from effort, what else do you need to do?

Organize my time to cope with the course, help each other as students, and Pay attention to what the instructor says in the lesson.

Thanks Khaled. I look forward to reading your responses.


Phil J